WORK IN progress.... lol my name is chara im aroace, transfem, nonbinary and a lesbian. white i am a MINOR (16 years old) BYF : i am very tone deaf sometimes so PLEASE use tone indicators with me (thank you) i also have a somewhat fuzzy, memory so i might not remember some stuff!! i rt a lot of tweets, mainly art of my interests lol, i'm not too rt heavy though INTERESTS : yume nikki and its fangames especially yume 2kki, rpgmaker indie horror, platformers, kirby, indie games, vocaloid, composing - DNI : basic dni criteria, p*dophiles, z00s, pr01sh1ppers, etc. if you unironically hate animals, especially cats i would add more stuff in here but i don't have time, so just dni if ur a weirdo or anything along those lines